Freedom Workshop: A FREE Deliverance Conference Ministry with Larry Richards

Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom Workshops
Community-wide Inner Healing Conferences

What is "inner healing'?
Inner healing is a ministry freeing believers from bondage to inadequacy, anxiety, bitterness, addictive sins, and family failings. Inner healing takes place as Christians understand and respond to specific Bible truths, supported by the prayers of members of sponsoring churches. Thus inner healing is essentially a prayer and Bible Teaching ministry.

What happens at an inner healing conference?
During the Friday evening/Saturday sessions the entire book of Ephesians is taught, and those who attend are led through activities that help them respond to and apply its truths immediately. Those who ask for special prayer are ministered to following the meetings by prayer teams drawn from the sponsoring churches.

Is the inner healing conference just for believers?
While the inner healing conference primarily benefits believers, those who are not yet Christians are introduced to Jesus Christ in a unique way. Thus the inner healing conference provides an opportunity to expose non-Christians to the Gospel as well as an opportunity for believers to be freed from spiritual bondage.

Who conducts the inner healing conference?
Freedom Workshop inner healing conferences are a ministry of the Center for the Study of Biblical Demonology, and are led by Dr. Larry Richards, author of over two hundred Christian books and study Bibles. For a complete bio, Google Lawrence O. Richards, Ph.D.

How do sponsoring churches benefit?
Few churches have inner healing ministries. Yet many in our churches are hurting and need inner healing to deliver them from their distress. Sponsoring churches benefit in several ways:

  • Hurting members find healing and deliverance.
  • Prayer teams are given initial training in inner healing ministry, and minister at the conference.
  • Follow-up resources are provided for small groups who wish to help each other experience further healing.
  • The unsaved have a unique opportunity to meet Jesus.

Who sponsors inner healing conferences?
A Freedom Workshop inner healing conference may be sponsored by a single church, or by a group of churches.
As there is no limit to attendance at a Freedom Workshop, sponsorship by a large church or a group of churches will have a greater impact on the community.

What costs are involved in sponsoring a conference?
Local expenses for promotion and location are borne by the sponsoring churches. A variety of FREE promotional materials are available on this site. Larry offers Freedom Workshops at no cost. He receives no honorarium and takes no offering, but does ask for travel and lodging experiences. Nor does the Center for the Study of Biblical Demonology ever solicit contributions from anyone who attends the conference. There is a small charge for the prayer team training materials, which typically is borne by each person receiving the training. Lesson plans for follow-up small groups are free on Larry's blog.

How can we schedule a Freedom Workshop?
Complete the form expressing your interest, or contact Larry directly by email.